Need a commercial for your biz?

Your commercial may be the first impression potential customers have of your business. Make it count!

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The Cable Girl will guide you step-by-step through the production of your commercial. She understands how to platform your business to address your target market.

A professional commercial partnered with an effective media plan, ensures your biz's advertising to be a success!

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Need a TV Commercial Production?

10 Reasons to have a Jingle

Network Standards and Practices Policy

Check Out My Commercials!

You will need a free internet video player to view my commercials such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. If the commercials are playing on your computer but you do not have audio, you need to upgrade your player. Click on the links above to download either player. It will take a minute before a clip begins to play.

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Commercial 2 Commercial 5
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Already Have A Commercial?

  1. Commercial must be Broadcast Quality submitted to MIACO Media, Inc. on Beta Cam SP Format.
  2. Tape must be received 2 weeks prior to airdate.
  3. Network/Station has final approval on airing of commercials, (in other words, Keep it Clean).

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Need A TV Commercial Production?

Production Fees
In-house $2,000*:

  • :30 spot
  • Conceptualization and theme development
  • Script writing
  • One (1) hour scanning of photos or brochure shots - supplied by the client
  • Professional voice-over
  • One (1) hour of graphic design including one (1) scanned logo and up to three (3) graphics pages*
  • Digital video effects
  • Character generation
  • Two (2) hours of on-line editing
  • VHS copy of commercial
  • Production package does not include props, artwork, stock footage, copyrighted music, or field footage from shoot.
  • Any changes requested by client after pre-view approval will be subject to an additional charge.

On-Location Shoot $2,500*:

  • :30 spot
  • Conceptualization and theme development
  • Script writing
  • Two (2) hours of in-studio or remote videotaping (Beta SP)
  • Up to six (6) camera set-ups per shoot
  • Professional voice-over talent
  • Licensed Music
  • One (1) hour of graphic design including one (1) scanned logo and up to three (3) graphics pages*
  • Digital video effects
  • Character generation
  • Two (2) hours of on-line editing
  • VHS copy of commercial
  • Production package does not include on-camera talent, studio, props, artwork, stock footage, copyrighted music, or field footage from shoot.
  • Any changes requested by client after pre-view approval will be subject to an additional charge

*Additional Information:

  • Commercial production includes 1 Beta SP and 1 VHS tape
  • Additional tape charges: $75 per Beta SP which includes express shipping and $25 per VHS copy and or CD copy which includes express shiping to the networks.
  • Tapes sent to networks become network property and will not be returned
  • 50% deposit due at start of project
  • 100% of talent fees due prior to shoot
  • Talent fees range pending on talent group
  • Remaining 50% due upon completion. Tapes will not be released to networks until final payment plus tape charges received.

Call The Cable Girl today at (412) 848-7788.

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Here are 10 Reasons to have a Jingle - Full Jingle $2,500

  1. Reason Number One - Music has emotional appeal

    How many times do you hear a song and immediately remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the song?  It brings back the emotions of the moment.  The first time you heard a song with that “special someone.”  How about famous musical images in your past?  McDonald’s “you deserve a break today,” or Burger King’s “special orders don’t upset us.”  When we hear the music it triggers something in our brain that creates an emotional response.  MIACO Media, Inc.  can do that for your message.  We want potential customers to think positively about your business, and we CAN do it with music.

  2. Reason Number 2 - Music Cuts through advertising clutter within seconds

    When you utilize the services of a musical image, you will soon find that your advertising stands out and cuts through the clutter.  When you are watching TV or listening to the radio, see for yourself how an advertisement using a good musical image sounds better, looks better, and is more memorable.  Each message seems flashier and more “national” with the use of music.  We strive to make our client’s messages the most up-to-date and memorable as possible.

  3. Reason Number 3 - Each commercial remembered almost 3 times longer

    Studies have been made that proves this out.  At the end of the last millennium, surveys were taken as to the most memorable advertising of the 1900’s.  Here are the results:

    1. McDonalds- You Deserve a Break Today.  

    2. USARMY- Be All That You Can Be

    3. Pepsi- Pepsi Hits The Spot.  

    4. Campbell’s- Mmm Mmm Good

    5. GM -See the USA in your Chevrolet.  

    6. OscarMayer -I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner

    7. Wrigley’s DOUBLEMINT Gum -Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

    8. Winston– Winston Tastes Good…Like a Cigarette Should.  

    9. Coca Cola-It's the Real Thing.

    10. Brylcreem -A little dab'll do ya 

  4. Reason Number 4 - Creates positive association to your business

    When a musical image is added (a good musical image) listeners think positively about the business that is using the music.

  5. Reason Number 5 - Targets your customers with a likeable musical style

    A good musical image can be targeted to your customers’ musical taste and style.  We don’t just sing your name into a song, we brand your business with the appropriate music and words.

  6. Reason Number 6 - Establishes continuity in multi-media

    When we create your new branding statement with a musical image, you can use the music in all your advertising.

    The words can be incorporated into your print advertising. We recommend you use this new musical image in everything you do including websites and  message-on-hold on your telephone system.

  7. Reason Number 7 - Professional sound represents more credibility

    Adding a musical image to an advertising campaign will immediately make listeners think of your business the same way they think of major businesses throughout the country that have been using musical imaging for years.   

  8. Reason Number 8 - Easily teaches the ABC’s of your business

    When MIACO Media creates your musical image, we will find just the right words to tell your business’ story. When we sing it over and over again, people will remember you when it’s time to deal with a company like yours.  Just like we still remember the “ABC Song” we learned as children, your music will be in the brains of potential customers.

  9. Reason Number 9 - Distinguishes you from the competition

    We always want to stand out from our competitors.  When you add a musical image to your advertising, your message will certainly sound different than your competitors, and with repetition, will be remembered longer.  

  10. Reason Number 10 - Boostsmorale internally and creates a sense of pride

    It has happened time and time again.  When a company adds a musical image to their marketing, employees of that company seem to view it as a reinforcement of pride in who they are working for.  They like the idea that people are now singing about the place where they work.

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Network Standards and Practices Policy

"The information provided below is for general illustration purposes only and is not the exclusive list of standards and practices at any or every media provider. Advertising placement services are always subject to and contingent upon the standards and practices review of the specific intended media provider."

Networks recognizes that advertising is an important element of the information presented to its audiences. These guidelines relate to the acceptability of advertising in any network medium and are intended to provide general guidance. These guidelines are neither all-inclusive nor exhaustive.

Networks retains the right to reject, or to require the modification of, any advertisement for any reason in its sole discretion (including, but not limited to, any advertisement that network believes to be inconsistent with any federal, state, local, or other law or regulation), regardless of whether or not such advertisement is specifically covered by these guidelines. It should also be recognized that these guidelines may change over time. Networks cannot be responsible for production decisions made or other actions taken in reliance on the content of particular guidelines herein.

As a general rule, false, misleading or deceptive advertising claims are unacceptable. All advertisements must be supported by evidence to substantiate any claims made by advertisers and must be in compliance with all applicable legal requirements, including, but not limited to, the FTC’s advertising guidelines, which may be found at>. Reference to the results of bona fide research, surveys or tests relating to the product to be advertised must be presented in a truthful and non-misleading manner.

Identification of sponsorship must be made in all sponsored advertisements in accordance with FCC requirements.


Adult-Directed Advertising
Alcoholic Beverages
Celebrity / Expert Endorsements
Child-Directed Advertising
Consumer Credit / Guarantees
Health-Related Advertising / Dietary Supplements / Prescription Drugs
Investment Advice
Lotteries / Gambling / Contests
Mail Order Products / Entertainment Events
News Simulation
Personal Products
Political Issue Advertising
Professional Advertising
Tobacco Use
Violent Behavior
Other Unacceptable Advertising Content


Advertising containing material that can be considered X-rated, obscene, pornographic, lewd, or tasteless is unacceptable. This would include, for example, “900” numbers, advertisements for dating or massage services, products of a sexual nature, erotic clothing, or lewd videotapes (e.g., inappropriate footage of Mardi Gras or Spring Break).

Advertisements that promote or sell services regarding “Psychic Hotlines”, astrology, fortune telling, occultism, phrenology, palm reading, numerology, mind reading, character reading or similar services are unacceptable.


The advertising of certain alcoholic beverages is acceptable if presented tastefully and the advertisement meets all applicable legal requirements.

References, direct or implied, to excessive consumption are unacceptable.
Representations of potency of alcoholic beverages, direct or implied, are unacceptable.
· Advertisements for alcoholic beverages may not encourage use of these products by people under the legal drinking age. Advertisements depicting minors are unacceptable.
The use of alcoholic beverages may not be presented in a context involving the performance of hazardous activities, activities that require a degree of alertness, or drinking in dangerous or illegal situations.
There must be an affirmative disclosure of the name and address of the brewer, producer, packer, wholesaler, or importer when required by law.
Advertisements that contain free drink promotions are unacceptable.
Advertisements should not show anyone drinking alcoholic beverages. If the advertisement does show someone drinking an alcoholic beverage,it shall be subject to prior approval of Bloomberg.
· Statements of reduced alcohol content are acceptable for malt products that contain less than 2.5 percent alcohol and for wine products that contain less than 7 percent alcohol.
· Labeling and advertising for reduced or low alcohol malt or wine products may use statements comparing the alcohol content of the reduced product to the alcohol content of the same regular product. Such comparative statements may not specify the actual alcohol content of either of the products being compared.

Hard Liquor
· Advertising of hard liquor (i.e., alcoholic beverages other than beer and wine) requires prior approval from network.
Mixer Products
· Products that may be used or mixed with hard liquor may be advertised. If there is a reference to the use of a mixer product with hard liquor, it requires prior approval from network.
· The use of the words “cocktail drinks” or “cocktail beverages” is acceptable.


Advertisements for the promotion or sale of celebrity-endorsed products or services are acceptable, provided the nature of the product/service being promoted or sold is acceptable according to the guidelines set forth herein.


Any advertisements directed at children under the age of 18, or their interests, require prior approval from the network.


Advertisements that include offers of consumer credit, rebates, guarantees, or premiums are acceptable.


With regard to commercial announcements containing claims relating to health benefits (including prescription and non-prescription drugs), all heath-related claims must be adequately supported by clinical or other responsible scientific evidence. Furthermore, disclosures must be made regarding the role played by other factors relating to the relevant health condition when appropriate.

Advertising of health supplements that claim to enhance sexual performance, including, but not limited to, non-FDA approved products, is unacceptable.

Advertising of weight control products or services, including, but not limited to, non-FDA approved weight-loss and dietary aids, is unacceptable. In addition, advertisements for body-enhancing or improving products are unacceptable. The intent of this paragraph is not to exclude an advertisement for a mass-distributed product by a widely recognized corporation, but would exclude, for example, an advertisement for a “cellulite-reducing” cream that is exclusively available through mail-order purchase.

Advertisements for drug products must satisfy the following additional requirements:

· The drug must have a documented safety and efficacy record;
· The drug may be advertised for approved uses only; and
· The advertisement must disclose that all prescription drugs have some side effects and viewers should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the drug in their situation.

Advertisements for drug products are also subject to prior approval from the network.


Advertisements that promote high-risk and/or questionable investment offerings in areas
such as futures, real estate or other “get-rich-quick” schemes, or high-risk investment opportunities in commodities, are unacceptable. Furthermore, advertisements that promote the availability of investment advice from other than registered broker/dealers, or that claim to improve financial status, are also unacceptable. In no event may any advertisement offer specific investment advice.

Acceptable advertisements that offer investment opportunities must identify the company making the offer and its corporate address.


Advertisements for lotteries, except for the lawful advertising of certain government-run lotteries, are unacceptable.

Advertising by private organizations that conduct sporting events at which bets are legally accepted and by governmental organizations that conduct legalized betting on sporting contests is acceptable (e.g., OTB legal horseracing).

Truthful advertising by resorts that include lawful casinos, as well as lawful Indian gaming is acceptable when the advertising is tasteful and meets all applicable legal requirements. Advertising by on-line casinos is not acceptable.
Advertisements for tip sheet publications and/or other related betting products or services seeking to advertise for the purpose of giving odds or promoting betting are unacceptable.

Advertisements for contests/sweepstakes are acceptable. Such advertisements must include rule-language that can be clearly understood, including, but not limited to, “No Purchase Necessary” or “Alternate Means of Entry”.


Lawful advertisements for the promotion or sale of mail-order products, entertainment events, or the purchase of tickets for events are acceptable, provided the nature of the product/service/event being promoted or sold is acceptable according to the guidelines set forth herein. The name, street, address, city, state and zip code of the sponsor, as well as the order address and phone number must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed. Where required, any additional charges (e.g., C.O.D., shipping and handling, etc.) must be fully disclosed.


Commercial announcements or advertisements that simulate news reports or news broadcasts through the use of a newsroom or newsgathering techniques, or through the use of any person purporting to be a news announcer or news reporter, or through the use of lead-in material that may mislead the audience to assume that it is about to hear a news report or is hearing a news report, is unacceptable. A disclaimer (i.e., “the following (or the preceding) is (was) a paid advertisement”) may be required.


Advertisements for personal products (e.g., feminine hygiene, douches, incontinence, etc.) are acceptable if they are presented within the bounds of good taste. These boundaries are generally defined by the nature of the language and depictions used, and the themes or implications of the advertisements. Offensive language, graphic representations, and sexual themes are unacceptable. Advertisements for contraceptives are unacceptable.


Advertisements by legally qualified political candidates are acceptable and are subject to all relevant FCC and FEC rules (including, but not limited to, rules implementing Sections 315 and 317 of the Communications Act, such as the equal opportunities rules). Advertisers must ensure that their advertisements comply with all relevant FCC and FEC rules.


Lawful advertising for accountants, chiropractors, dentists, attorneys, physicians, psychologists and other recognized and established professionals is acceptable. Such advertising must focus on essential information pertaining to the services being offered and cannot contain professional advice.


Any advertisements for cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff or related products/accessories are unacceptable. Advertisements for cigars are subject to prior approval of the network.


Advertisements that promote or display acts of violence or destruction are unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to:

Promotion or sale of bomb-making, bomb-making materials, or bomb-making instructions;
Promotion or sale of firearms, firearm-related materials or accessories;
Promotion or sale of explosives or fire-works;
Promotion, display or sale of footage containing acts of violence or destruction; and
Promotion or display of animal cruelty.


Advertisements that depict the following are unacceptable: (1) illegal activities;
(2) illegal drug use or drug-related paraphernalia, including accessories and equipment; (3) content or practices that demean, ridicule or attack individuals or groups on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap;
(4) material deemed to be harmful to children; or (5) advertisements that are melodramatic or tend to frighten, or are fear or anxiety inducing, regardless of the validity of any claim being made.

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