The Cable Girl Testimonials

Scarborough Research, Coral Springs, FL

“MIACO media has made our Television advertising efforts simple, affordable, and professional. Throughout the entire process of getting our ad up and running they have been extremely helpful, understanding, and accommodating to our companies needs. MIACO also did a wonderful job of reaching the target market audience we were looking for. I would recommend MIACO media to anyone looking to improve their advertising efforts.”
William D. Garza, Recruiter

Emerald City, Pittsburgh PA

“If Mia was around when Moses descended from the Mount, he'd have been carrying six stone tablets, because Mia got a great deal at the quarry.”
Frank C.

Theodore Terbolizard, R-CA Congressional Candidate,  San Francisco, CA

Mia The Cable Girl is amazing; what seemed like a low-cost, short-term ad buy resulted in massive favorable feedback, greatly exceeding all expectations. I'm amazed at how many people were reached with Mia's expertise.

Theodore Terbolizard, Decatur, Texas
“Selecting MIACO to handle our TV advertising was one of the best business decisions that I’ve ever made in my entire 40 years in business. Mia Compomizzi and Kathy Brown are two of the most honest, professional, and straight talking people it has ever been my personal pleasure to know and do business with. The TV Commercial Production Company that they work with, Retro Media, owned by Bruce K., is outstanding too, and the entire combination is unbeatable. Suffice it to say that they take a very personal interest in all their clients’ success.”
Jim P., President

Savador Dali Gallery, Inc. , San Juan Capistrano, CA
The most valued assets of any business is its employees and customers, not its building, property or bank accounts.
I want to take this opportunity to compliment one of your “valued assets” Mia C. Mia is a top professional. I would refer my best friends to her.

Bruce H., Gallery Director

Visiting Angels, Philadelphia PA
We have been extremely pleased with Miaco Media. Not only have they gotten us excellent pricing, but their follow up has been very punctual.
Dave P., Visiting Angels

Contract It, Tucson, AZ

Dear Mia and Bruce: I am writing this letter to let both of you know what a GREAT job you have done for me. This was a completely new field that I jumped into last year and was very “green” to say the least. I am very thankful that I found Mia on the Internet and she recommended Retro Media to make my commercial.

Let me take a minute to explain my situation. I have been in the construction industry for twenty-five years. I decided last year to write a book and teach average people how to act as their own builder, eliminating the general contractor/builder and saving lots of money. I took off a few months and completed it; I also had the book copy written with the Library of Congress. In other words it is not another “rip-off” e-book on the Internet.

I still needed a way to market this book within my limited budget. That is how Miaco and Retro Media came into play. Mia and Bruce both helped me immensely with things that I knew little about. They both did this professionally and without making me feel inferior on a subject I knew nothing about. They did all this and saved me about 30-40% from the same service locally!

In closing I can only say that I highly recommend these two companies to anyone wanting million dollar results and customer service on a limited budget. Mia and Bruce keep up the great work!

Yours Very Truly, Kevin T. Nixon,

American Alpaca Clothing Co., Harbor, Washington
This has been my first experience at doing a commercial and I have to say it has been a most pleasurable  experience. Mia has been so very helpful, so very informative, in guiding us away from the many pitfalls that can come from advertising a new company. My only regret is I haven't always followed her advice. Mia is like having a friend with your best interest at heart. Mia's producer Bruce also has been a pleasure to work with. I could sense that he enjoys his work and takes pride in making the best commercial for his customers. He did A great job for us.Thanks Mia and Bruce for the help and support you give and especially for A great commercial. I look forward to A continued relationship with you both.
Bob N.

OHSO, Austin Texas

OHSO was new to television so I shopped around for a place I could buy TV spots. I talked to a lot of media companies and viewed a few on-line media buying sites. Mia’s rates were the best and her service and follow-up was excellent. I asked her a thousand questions and she always answered my emails. Mia helped me craft a sensible TV strategy to build brand awareness and generate web orders for…and its working.

We continue to hone our strategy and Mia is there all the way. I look forward to future ventures into TV advertising with MiaCo Media. Thanks Mia.

Richard B. Trocino


Streetbeasts, Miami, Florida
I want to thank mia for the tremendous job she is doing and the continued support that is always forthcoming in a positive and upbeat manner. As we gradually reduce our print advertising which in this day and age is not effective, to a strong combination of television and internet, it is a joy not to deal with major P>R> firms who are more worried how much you are willing to spend then how they can improve your business, Mia is truly unique and we feel an asset to our marketing team.Our lead flow grows every day as will our exposure as the worlds leading and largest replicar manufacturer. Well done Mia keep up the great work!
Peter K. Travis, Director of Operations, Streetbeasts

Life Journeys/Worldview Travel, Santa Ana, CA
As Producers of Big Events all over the country, and the world, Mia's tenacity and professionalism is hard to beat! We believe we are getting the biggest bang for our advertising dollars by taping into Miaco's resources and solid relationships with the networks and distributors alike. She is a diamond in a very rough and tough advertising market - we highly recommend MIACO Media. 
Ibis Kaba, Director of Operations, Sales and Marketing

Skinny Pouch, Wisconsin
Thanks to Retro Media’s prompt and professional services in producing an outstanding SkinnyPouch™ TV commercial for our company. Bruce was easy to work with and the objective of the commercial production was right on target. Thanks Bruce, and best regards to you Mia- TheCableGirl for the referral. I can’t wait to begin airing!

Joe Williams, President, Innovative Custom Products, Inc., Inventor of the SkinnyPouch™, Wisconsin

Silver Stock Report, California
I just got Bruce's production of my commercial.  It is outstanding, fantastic, amazing, and what an impact!  I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the work, the professionalism, and the great price! $2000 for that?  Wonderful!  I can't wait to see the impact this commercial will have when it hits the air. I expect it to be just sensational!  Thank you so much for helping me from start to finish on this project.  Needless to say, the commercial is all approved, and Bruce will be sending out copies to the networks. Sincerely,
Jason Hommel

Ringboyz Sportz and Entertainment, Las Vegas, NV
Mia since doing business with you, our sales have sky-rocketed. Because of you, We just started a Phoenix, Arizona arm of the company because we now have the money to expand our company.

We're kind of selfish telling people about you in Las Vegas & Phoenix, we never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing in our company, that keeps confusion out. We will make this one and only acception.

Sincerely and thank you again for helping us,

Kevin Felder, Founder
& the staff of Ringboyz Sportz & Entertainment
Pedro Conchos, Chairman of the Board

Concept Creations, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Mia, You're The Best!
It has been such a joy working with Mia with our direct response marketing campaign.  We started out seeking only a local TV campaign due to budget restraints, but through Mia's contacts and expertise in the business she was able to get us some of the lowest rates available reaching over 10 million households all while staying within our limited budget.  She stays on top of things and always responded back immediately when we had any questions or concerns.  She knows the business inside out.  She not only helped us place our TV ads, but she also was instrumental in us finding the write telemarketing services, venture capatalist, and potential print advertising sources. Thanks so much Mia,

Jonathan Paden (Owner)
Concept Creations, Inc.

Tartan Media Group, Boise, Idaho
We have worked with Miaco Media for  2 years. Mia is very knowledgeable and is able to locate the best on air rates available. She gives each client more than what is expected and goes the extra mile. We continue to work with Miaco, regarding, 60 sec spots as well as 30 minute infomercials. We respect her vast experience and integrity.    
Gail Ann Van Kirk, President
Tartan Media Group Inc., Boise, Idaho

"I have worked with Mia for over 10 years. She is honest, hard working and gets results. She is more than a business associate, Mia is a friend. Mia has been our media buyer for years. She does a great job with my budget. I recommend her to any business wanting more customers."   
Kathy S., President, Langhorne, PA
"If you are looking for a person who will put your business at the top of her list, and treat you like family, just call Mia. The Cable Girl is the "Able Girl" - she will make it happen. Mia is the best business partner you'll be fortunate enough to have."   
Mike K., Vice President

Quaker Steak and Lube, Pennsylvania and East Coast
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mia, “The Cable Girl”, on several large advertising projects for our Company – Joll Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Quaker Steak & Lube. Mia’s attention to detail and her tenacity in getting the best program available for the best possible price is legendary. Mia has the reputation of being a professional’s professional. . .she works hard at getting the job done and done right at the right price.. I never hesitate to turn over my advertising needs to Mia, fully confident that she will get the job done at a level of excellence while spending my advertising dollars wisely. If you’re thinking about advertising. . .my advise would be to call “Mia, The Cable Girl” first!”
Nadine B, VP Administration, JOLL ENTERPRISES, INC. Lenzner Tour and Travel
"Mia has made television advertising so easy and affordable. It has been a pleasure to work with her. This past year Lenzner Tour and Travel came to Mia with a desire to create a Lenzner jingle. She went the extra mile on getting us a selection of jingle types until we hit the one that was right for us. Not only that but she worked with an artist to create an animated character for the jingle. Thanks so much for all you have helped us to do."   
Kathleen N., Lenzner Tour Manager

Festa Chiropractic
"Thank you Mia, for shedding some light on the advertising business for me. I had been paying far too much for airtime and getting far too little. With your help we are reaching many more for less, and you are much nicer to deal with! You also have contacts and information in many other related areas of interest that are invaluable. So, thank you again, and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come."
Dr. Ronald Festa

Eagle Drug of Carnegie, Inc.
“I have worked with Mia as my cable advertising representative since 1993. She has always worked for my business as if it were her own. She is very sensitive to my needs and limitations, and has always given me the most for my advertising dollars. She always takes care of me as if I am the most important account that she has. Knowing Mia for the past 10 years, I can honestly say, she puts ALL of her customers first. If personalized service is what you’re looking for, then Mia is the advertising representative that does it the best. If proper channel selection to target your customers is important to you, then Mia is the representative that you want working for you. If getting the most value for your advertising dollars is what you want, then once again, Mia is the person to set up the schedule for you. I have been totally satisfied with my cable advertising program for the past 10 years."  
Scott V., Pharmacist and Owner

Kensington Windows Inc., Vandergrift, PA
Mia, I would like all of your prospects and customers to know that it was your professionalism, personality and presentation that I decided to get involved in electronic marketing. Because of your knowledge in cable and T V programing your advice in placement paid off. I will continue to use you and your company to expand my marketing scope and get more of the great results that I have enjoyed in Pittsburgh, PA . I will recommend you to everybody I know.   Paul F,. V P Sales & Marketing

Allan Jewelers
“I think you are very knowledgeable and share your expertise in a clear and concise manner. Through my experience I have found your marketing skills as well as your salesmanship to be far better than account execs in other advertising mediums.  You return calls and respond to requests in a timely manner which is not the case with all advertising reps, but it is not that attention that really differentiates you from the rest. It is just your professionalism and concern for the client that makes that courtesy a  priority.  You are doing a great job”   
Kevin B., Proprietor

St. Barnabas Health Systems
“Mia has been an outstanding sales rep for St. Barnabas.  She is very timely with all the information regarding opportunities to place additional advertising.  She is very quick to follow-up with any questions that we have and does a great job selling the inventory that is available.  I have worked with many sales reps for media space throughout my career and I can honestly say that I have not worked with a more personable, professional and committed sales person than Mia.  She goes the extra mile to make the customer feel valued.  The mix she has provided for our placements has also been very effective over the past years.”  
Nanci C.  Vice President

Lenzner Tour and Travel
Working with Mia has been an absolute pleasure.  I have found her to be the bubbling, positive person that is always focused on the best for her customer.  In the years that I worked with Mia, she would amazingly get me more commercial runs than I had contracted.  She is constantly making me aware of advertising specials that she thinks would get me the coverage I desire.  Thanks for a job well done.
A loyal customer,

Kathleen N., Lenzner Tour Manager

Seretti Chevrolet
“Hello Mia.  I don't know why your asking about your services, because if I wasn't happy with your excellent presentation of the products I wouldn't be a customer. I think your great at responding to my particular needs and I have never been disappointed in your servicing my account.  You're a real credit to your company as you are passionate in what you do, and when a person is passionate about their job they excel. Your national acclimation is an indicator of your success. So keep up the good work.” 
John S., President

Monte Cello’s Italian Restaurant
“Mia... You have always gone above and beyond what is expected as a sales rep… and it has been my experience over the past seven or eight years that you are always available and very accessible...  Need I say more? 
Joe W. / Monte Cello's, President

Schaffner Maintenance
“Mia has done a great job for me and has been good for my business.  She works hard to get you in the right market for the right price.  Thanks Mia.” 
Dave S., President

Green Meadows Apartments
“Hey Cable Girl!  You are great!  I do understand all the information that you present to me and appreciate the extra efforts that you provide in way of service.  The scheduling we will probably want to adjust occasionally to test some other markets - but I am confident you will assist with this!  You are very professional and timely in responding.  So give yourself a big pat on the back, girlfriend!  Thanks for all your help.”   Rosemary A., Media Director
Avelli Construction and Statuary
“Mia, keep up the good work!  You are probably one of the ONLY advertising reps that simplifies the process rather than complicating and dramatizing everything.  We appreciate having you as our rep.” 
Jackie, Media Director

Steve Parson and Associates
“Mia has always gotten the best deal for me and helped me choice my audience for the best exposure.  Mia is absolutely the best and most professional rep that I have worked with ever in my 20+ years in the accounting business.” 
Steve P., CPA

Pittsburgh Dance Explosion
“You've always been there for me and did not rely on my thoughts or opinions if you thought something would work better.  I have no complaints.  Keep up the great work! Michelle M., Proprietor
Baden Goodyear
“Mia is very pleasant to work with and creative and has helped my business grow.  I have been working with Mia for many years and have been very satisfied with her performance.” 
Paul P.  Business Owner

Deck the Walls Ross Park Mall
“Mia,  You seem to be readily available and respond to emails and phone calls very promptly.  You do communicate options to the customer and try to find the things that will work best for them. You are also knowledgeable about the channels and the products. Thanks. Mia -"The Cable Girl" will work harder to get your ad in front of the rightcustomer than anyone I have ever worked with before. She listens to your concerns and helps you find the perfect ad and network to reach your customer base. She is always working for YOU."  
Jane S., President

Cottman Transmission
“You get an A+.  I would say exceptional. Only because even when I am not buying cable in Pittsburgh, you still keep me up on the market.” 
Wayne M., Media Director

“I think that you are probably one of the most energetic sales reps I have ever met.  You go above and beyond to get the word out.  We appreciate everything you do and although we do not have a huge budget for advertising right now we know that we want to do cable advertising as soon as it is feasible for us and it is because of your efforts to keep us in the loop.” 
Darlene T., President

Bean Beverage
“I live in Cecil so I do not see the commercials, but I do get comments from other people, that is good.  as a sales rep I believe you do you do very well.  You keep us well informed and put together a good program at a cost we can afford.”   Tom, Pres. Bean Beverage Co.
School of Chindo
“I rate you  5 *****, Grade AAA, Triple Supreme !!!
Greg J., Director

“Although we haven't yet had the opportunity to place a buy with you (we do very little advertising work), I find you to be one of the more effective sales reps with whom I work.  You find a way to continually be in contact with me, which means cable advertising can never be far from my thoughts.  You strike me as one of the harder working sales reps out there!  Keep up the great job.”  
Lynn M.,  President

Soergel Orchards
"Hey Mia,I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your input and expertise during our past year of advertising with you again. I truly feel that I can trust you, and that you are working in the best interest of my family's company to get me the most "bang for the buck". I'm looking forward to expanding our customer base next year!" 
Eric Voll, Manager

Botta Cosmetic Surgery
This affords us an excellent opportunity to elaborate on the many wonderful qualities and attributes of our TV cable salesperson, Mia, The Cablegirl.

Mia’s knowledge of her profession is only surpassed by her genuine warmth, charm and charisma which exceeds any sales representative we have encountered over the years.  She goes that extra mile to do whatever it takes to make our advertising dollars work best.  Mia doesn’t treat her customers like clients:  instead, she treats us like family!  WE highly commend her and recommend her to everyone.
Charlene F. Director, Botta Cosmetic Surgery

aDIO Health Wellness Providers, Inc.
Miaco Media, Inc. has made it possible for us to reach millions of prospective patients much more affordably than ever imagined. When you call to find out the rates in your community, you’ll be impressed, with not only the rates but the fast and incredibly NICE service!  The Cable Girl is a pleasure to work with, Thank you,
Dr. Ronald Festa, of Festa Chiropractic, Inc., aDIO Productions, Inc., and aDIO Health Wellness Providers, Inc.

Phantasy Records
Mia, I want to thank you for organizing our advertising campaign.  What impressed me the most was your professionalism and how well you take care of the smallest detail.  Whenever I had a question you immediately got back to me with an answer.  I also liked how you tried to give suggestions on how I could improve the website  as well as the advertising.  I also want to give credit to Bruce Koehler of Retromedia.  Bruce was terrific in turning around a commercial spot of Doug Church in several days when we were up against a time restraint.

Speaking of Doug you were kind enough to volunteer your time to pick him up at the Pittsburg airport and Bruce was kind to give him a ride back to the airport.  It's not often that a business person will go the extra mile for a client.  Both you and Bruce did.

Mia, I think of you as a friend because of how well you serviced my company.  I known in the future when I need cable advertising I will definitely use your company.

Best Regards,
John Schaller, Phantasy Records LLC

Z E G A R E L L I  Technology & Entrepreneurial
MIACO Media/The Cable Girl: Mia pours her heart and soul into her client projects.  Her advice and marketing efforts are invaluable.
Gregg R. Zegarelli, President